a manifesto, of sorts

We should really begin with my first and most important declaration- here we go: the world really does not need another blog. There. I said it. Ah, I feel better already. As I begin my journey with this particular blog, I can’t help but briefly reflect upon two other, completely uninteresting stinky blogs that preceded it. Why were these blogs that shall not be named so stinky? Its simple. They carried no conviction. They contained no honesty. While they had perspective,  I can honestly say that it was not my own…it was no different from any other blog of their kind. As a result, these blogs were short-lived. Eventually, I resigned myself as a non-blogger with nothing original to say and took to other forms of passing time: organizing my Pinterest board, color coordinating my office desk, binge watching crime shows on Netflix. By and large still the norm around here.

But  one day not so far from yesterday, I became convicted. I knew what I wanted to say and I didn’t care if anyone even read it. Go on, keep reading.

I’ve always wanted my dream blog to focus on my interests that are separate from my work- mainly design, architecture, and photography. What is my work? I’m a doctoral candidate studying physical chemistry and engineered nanomaterials for photovoltaic and photocatalytic applications. I quite enjoy my work, but I work in a dark room 80% of the time. I sometimes feel disconnected from science on the days when I needed a creative jolt. It is on these days that I think that maybe I should have gone to design school. But then I turn on my microscope and I snap back to reality. While science is where I am meant to be, I can’t help but crave the beauty and richness that art brings to my life.

Here lies the problem. It seems that Science often sits on its own little island, isolated from everything else. To be a scientist immediately makes people think that either they won’t understand you for lack of intelligence on the subject or that they won’t have anything in common with you. I’m not making any stereotypical statements here, this is honestly what I have experienced. In any case, it is largely untrue. I believe that the best science is that which is beautiful in its simplicity, and the best scientist is one who can make every person see that.

History has proven that there is a strong connection between art and science, a connection from which people in both disciplines can learn a great deal from.  My reason for writing this blog is to explore different avenues where science ends and art begins… and vice versa. Asking questions in my own words, off into the wild. Join me?


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