Quote: “You begin with…

“You begin with the possibilities of the material”
-Robert Raschenburg

I find myself at the beginning, once again. The beginning of the week, the beginning of this blog, the beginning of a new research project. I am filled with a sense of bewilderment, that feeling that I know absolutely nothing. Its… uncomfortable. The funny thing is, just when you think you have a firm grasp on life, life will change. And then you must begin again. I am starting to embrace that we are not meant to become comfortable with life. Change can be a wonderful blessing, however scary it may be.

This quote by Pop artist Robert Raschenburg spoke to me this morning, in the midst of my bewilderment. It reminds me to look towards the materials I choose in order to answer the questions I face, not towards myself. Takes the pressure off a bit. Of course, Raschenburg was talking about art, not science… or was he? He was known to use odd mixtures of materials and found objects in his artwork. The juxtaposition of the media he chose was the genius behind his work. I think the most exciting scientific results are those that discover a new phenomenon or application for a material that already exists. But see, it was not the scientist that created the phenomenon. Rather, it was there all along-  just an intrinsic property of the material, waiting to be discovered. It is the scientist’s challenge (and gift) to explore the material and then to think outside of the box.


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